Breaking the News.

So there’s the point during all of your planning when you need to announce you plans to your family, friends, work, etc that you plan on going AWOL and live on the AT for 4-6 months. Easy right? Eh it really depends on your situation. As for me a momma’s boy who also got a job specifically to make money for the trail without telling them my motive it complicates things a little bit. Let’s start with the Momma Bear. I’m a self admitted momma’s boy which makes it a bit harder to tell her that I’m leaving. To make it worse I’ve moved back in with her when I came back to Baltimore from New Jersey, so it’s not like I’m already gone and just leaving further, I’m right here! I haven’t even really been able to go public with this blog or my intentions too much because in the day and age of social media she would find out in minutes so I’ll have to drop the bomb with her first. Soon. Hopefully.

Secondly is the workplace. A good majority of people who go on trips like this are either transitioning out of college or retirement but even fewer just get up and quit their job after so many years to go, and possible even fewer people get a job for 5 months (they’re under the impression I’m in it for the long haul) and then just disappear. I’ve never been one to have the testicular fortitude to quit a job, I usually just suck it up and work, but when I moved back to Baltimore I knew I wanted to find a job specifically for trail money. I’ve been there for about a month so far and only have a little less than 4 months until my departure date. They totally wouldn’t of hired me if I went into my interview and said “Hey you should hire me because I’m fucking awesome, look pretty damn good, and am going to leave your asses high and dry to go hike the AT in 5 months 🙂 Thanks for the money chumps!”  So I came to terms with my master plan, I’ll get this job work up until I get my last paycheck before I leave, never show back up there, and take the remainder 5 days to prepare and get all of my stuff situated. Is this the right thing to do? Of course not! But I’ve got adventure in my soul and I can’t control when it comes spewing out of me! They’ll be calling me wondering where I am and I’ll feel bad, but once I get on that train to Georgia I think I’ll feel a lot better.

Who would of thought this would be the hard part of my planning!


One thought on “Breaking the News.

  1. It’s so true! Breaking the news to all in involved is a big errand in of itself. But, once you start, it feels great to tell different people. At least for us, it made our adventure feel more real. Who knows, you may be surprised too. My job said they wanted me to come back afterwards 😮 I wasn’t expecting that. Good luck with it all!!!

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