It’s Finally Here!

My Zpacks Hexamid Solo Plus was delivered yesterday, and by the time I got home from work I was already setting it up by headlamp in my front yard. Let’s just start with the ordering process and AWESOME customer service before we get into all the specs of the tent. Before I placed my order I emailed Joe of Zpacks asking about the ordering options and if I needed to buy a groundsheet for the tent underneath as well (We’ll get into the groundsheet later). I emailed him at some odd hour of the night but he got right back to me early in the morning with all the help that I needed. That’s the beauty of these small cottage companies, the owners are really involved and value their customers, its not some superficial big wig head of a huge company that hires a million people to answer phones that really know nothing about the product. This kind of relationship with a company like Zpacks, you really can’t beat it. But anyways payday rolls around on Friday and I immediately place my order as soon as my pay hit my account. On the website it gives out waiting times of all their products and when you should expect them to ship and tents were shipping within a week. I placed my order on Friday, I received it that following Monday…this is the fastest shipping I have ever received. To sum this up with Zpacks service, from questions to ordering to shipping, they are impeccable!

Here’s the tent!

Hexamid Solo Plus

Hexamid Solo Plus

It’s a trekking pole supported tent made out of cuben fiber, has an all mesh floor, and takes a total of 10 ┬ástakes to set it up. Because there is an all mesh floor Zpacks sells a cuben fiber ground sheet which goes INSIDE of the tent, there’s 6 mitten hooks (4 in the corners and 2 on the sides) that hook to loops on the corresponding sides of the inside of the tent that they attach to. This raises the groundsheet up off of the ground and creates a bath tub floor. The inside of the tent is very spacious, I’m coming from a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL2 and the Hexamid destroys this one in terms of interior space (and everything else!) I am 5’7 and can extend myself completely out and still not reach the tent end to end, I can sit up fully without my head being anywhere close to the top, and I have plenty of room around the sides of me to lay out all of my gear.

Interior Room Space

Interior Room Space

Interior Height

Interior Height

The tent also has the option for an extended beak for the event that there’s a crazy rainstorm and the rain is starting to blow inside of your tent. It’s not advised to deploy the extended beak unless of the rain scenario so that you can reduce the factors of condensation. If you leave the beak rolled up it will allow more airflow reducing the risk of getting condensation on the inside of your tent. There is a loop at the outermost point of the beak which you clip to a mitten hook/ shock cord combo, and then you take the other end of the shock cord which has a loop on it and either attach it to your guy line or just throw the loop over your stake.

Hexamid w/ extended beak

Hexamid w/ Extended Beak

The tent itself weighs in at 16.03 ounces and when I add the stakes it comes out to a whopping 19 ounces, for a shelter, that could easily fit two people, is this real life? It comes with a cuben fiber stuff sack that you can put your tent in and if you order your stakes from them as well you can get a little stuff sack for them as well. The only downside is the price. It’s quite expensive but you get what you pay for and to me it was worth every penny. This is a great company that slings out some great products. If you wanna check them out go to


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