This is the Appalachian Trail


The Appalachian Trail is a national scenic trail that stretches across 14 states from Georgia to Maine and runs over 2,180 miles! Yes I will be living in the wilderness, shitting in the woods, arm wrestling bears, and hiking for 2,180+ miles. I’ll be starting in Georgia which means I’ll be a NOBO (Northern Bound) hiker, if you decide to start up in Maine and hike to Georgia you will be a SOBO (Southern Bound) hiker. For me going north was an easy choice to make, with the southernmost terminus/ending point being Mt. Kathadin in Maine, it gives me something to hike toward and will be a lot more exhilarating finishing at the summit of Big Momma K. Along the way they have shelters/lean to’s which are three sided structures, some a lot nicer than others, that you can use to sleep in. I however will do my best to avoid these shelters because mice are notorious for also having slumber parties in there and I HATE mice with a strong passion. And while I’m out here I will be thru hiking which is hiking the entire length all at once, different people have different variations of the term, but for me thru hiking is putting one foot in front of the other and seeing every white blaze (these white blazes mark the trail) on the AT. I just read on their website too that the amount of elevation you’ll cover hiking the entire AT is equivalent to hiking Everest 16 times! I’ll say it one more time, EVEREST 16 TIMES! So needless to say I’ll have some pretty sexy legs when I’m done. Move over Schwarzenegger.


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